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Why Slogans are Important to your Brand:

If you hear the words “Just do it!” Where does your brain go immediately? A select few of you may think Shia LeBeouf but the majority are right on the money when you think about the brand Nike. What about “I’m lovin’ it!” Or “Finger lickin’ good!”? Definitely McDonald’s and KFC!

It’s important that the slogan you choose is attention grabbing, memorable and that it highlights a feature or benefit of your product, service or company. Good slogans set you apart from the others, and build brand loyalty.

Having a catchy slogan, will reinforce your brand or companies identity, it should be concise and easily remembered and should illicit a relatable emotion. So how do you make sure you have a catchy slogan that encompasses all of the above? Contact GC Creative today and we’ll set you up for life. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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